Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, I have finally had a free moment to download our honeymoon pictures. We took close to 350 so it took a long time for them to download! But don't worry, we separated them so each day is an album.

This is in Portland in the Casco Bay. Ironically these two small boats/ferrys are party of Casco Bay Lines. They literally carry passengers and freight to and from the surrounding small islands. We took the Sunset Run, a 2.5 hour trip out to the islands and back. It was very nice but really cold. We spent most of the trip underneath on the lower deck, and only briefly braved the cold wind.

Walking along the shore path in Bar Harbor. It has been there forever. People live in these awesome houses and they graciously let visitors walk on their property to see the coast.

This picture is the view from our Schooner ride. The Margaret Todd is the only 4 masted Schooner still in operation. It's hard to imagine that the bay was littered with boats like that at one point. Crazy stuff.

Fresh lobster. A very interesting taste, a little salty, and quite chewy.

Now, you definitely do not get these kind colors anywhere in Oklahoma. It was absolutely amazing. Around every corner it would look completely different. Sometimes there would be a lot of green and then a random bright red tree.

View of Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park. This is actually a fresh water lake because the island in which the park is on was actually created by glaciers.

And of course you can't go the east coast without seeing a lighthouse. This is the Portland Head light. We stopped by the see it on our way out of town and it was raining and everything. The waves were crashing up to the rocky edge and the lighthouse was sounding it's fog horn. It was awesome.

There's a preview of our trip, but be sure to look at the albums for more great pictures and some video too!

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Aunt Deb said...

Megan and Stephen your pictures are great...I love all the artsy pics and leaf shots.