Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reunion, Running, and Remodel

So we had the annual Brister Reunion on July 17 in Tulsa. It was an awesome turnout with the grandparents..all 4 of their kids, all of their kids and spouses/boyfriends, and a great grandchild! The weather turned cool (95) just in time for everyone to come down. I had the idea to make shirts this year, just for something different. I love the way they turned out and they were a huge hit with everyone!!!!
Next...Stephen (27:25), Megan (32:18), Mom (36:11), Brian (21:22)and Jenny (28:34) ran in the Midnight Streak 5k. It was really awesome!
Still in the works is our bathroom remodel. Today we have the plumber here to install our tub and shower fixtures!!! Here is the old cast iron tub being taken out. Our new tub is acrylic and wider and deeper. But...the bathroom will be another post.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Jillian picked Ed!!!!! I knew she would! I always liked him straight from the beginning! I hope they are together forever!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What I learned this week...

1. Pulling out weeds for 1.5 hours in flip flops and not sitting down will seriously put your hamstrings in a world of pain. I do not recommend ever doing this no matter how much the sight of random growing grass in your garden bothers you. You will not be able to walk properly for days, sit down without holding on to something, or pick your legs up for that matter. Next time....just take a stool with you and you'll be fine.

2. If you don't do the dishes for entire week, don't be surprised that you are eating off of paper plates and drinking bottled water for dinner. Doing the dishes on a Friday night is totally lame...but hey..... now I have a super clean kitchen so that makes me feel good regardless.

3. Impatiens are clearly shade flowers. I regret not paying attention to how much sun my front garden receives during the day as half of my flowers are just not going to make it much longer.

4. I love hearing my husband sing along to songs that he really likes. It makes him really happy and me too.

5. I really like the Ellen show. I record it on my Tivo everyday and then watch it when I come home for lunch. If I don't come home at lunch it's the first thing I watch when I get home. She's hilarious.

6. I'm veering away from my post title the more i think about things I want to say.

7. I'm admitting to being a bit of a blog stalker and just commented on someone's blog today whom I don't even know.

8. I want Jillian ( this season's bachelorette) to pick Ed. I think he's cute, nice, caring, listens to her needs, and seems to be husband material. The finale is going to be a teary one, and I'm worried.

9. I'm thinking of changing the design of the blog site to something uber cute. So watch out for that.

10. Our bathroom project made great strides with week with the delivery of our tub, toilet, and fixtures, purchasing of the vanity/mirror/cabinet, the electrician got everything wired for us and the drywall is all patched and ready for texture!!!!!!

I'm going to post pictures soon....but don't hold your breath.