Tuesday, February 2, 2010

43 degrees

Yes, it was warm today. Everything on the roads melted and water was everyone. I wore white pants to work which was ambitious. I didn't even get the dirty which was a triumph.

Edmond and OKC schools were still closed today...I think that was stupid.

I made it out for a short run after work. I was so happy to get out there, but it was a disappointing run. My right knee is really hurting and it took a good 5 minutes of limping/jogging to get into a good rhythm without trying to favor my left leg. Even though I sorta felt like I was going at an even pace, my legs were getting so tight and I know it was because I was just so afraid to put any real, natural weight on my knee being afraid that it would give out or something. I barely did 3 miles, but I walked almost half.

With a 5 mile race next weekend and yucky weather...this is just so annoying.