Friday, March 16, 2012


I obviously don't live in a town where there are subways and I probably never will.

But these are just too awesome and it really makes me want to make something like this.

This one is just inspired from the Toyko subway maps.
 This one is the Paris Metro map using embroidery floss on canvas.

And this one is the US interstate system in subway map form!  How cool is that!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here is just some pictures I took of Chisholm this past weekend.  I've wanted to take some pictures of her for awhile now, but I was always forgetting about it.  I figured now was as good a time as any!

I also took some black and white film photos of her about 8 years ago on my 35mm Canon.  I took those to a photo place downtown to get some prints made.  I'm really excited to get those back.  For being an ametaur photographer back in high school, I think they turned about pretty good.  And really, I'm still an ameteur. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Art - Pinterest Challenge

Thank you Pinterest...again.  And thanks to BowerPower , Younghouselove, and two other blogs for thinking up this Challengefest!

I've long been looking for something to go above our bed since we repainted and got new bedding.  I didn't want an actual print because I knew it would take too long to find and I might have a hard time finding just the right one.

I really like canvas and I've seen some cool simple DIY crafts using it.  Like this one:

 The canvas and small letters are simly just painted white.

 Then she spiced it up by covering some letters in glitter.

I also considered doing something like this; Organic to tie in my bedspread.  This idea got nixed because I don't have the patience and I thought it might look wierd.

Ultimately, I came back to doing something personal with letters. 

While dating, and sometimes even now, Stephen and I would say that we needed "you and me" time.  This consists of just the two of us spending time together with no other distractions, no tv, no games, just us.  It was time to just sit and chat about things and really get to know eachother.  Even now, we may see eachother everyday but sometimes we just need time away from the chores and the tv to really just talk to eachother...."you and me" time.

So, hence the reason why we decided that our DIY art would be three 14x14 canvases with the words "you & me" across them all painted white.  We had trouble finding the right font and size of wood letters at Hobby Lobby and Michaels as they are the only craft stores around here, and they have really poor selection.  Enter the Internet!  This site was perfect.  Custom font and size!  They even had videos explaining how they size their letters.

Unlike the true everyday bloggers who thought up this challenge and could start and finish a project within the week, we started this project in like November and just hung it up last weekend.

We carefully chose the right size letters, spray painted the letters and the canvases seperately, and glued the letters to the canvas using a hard core fabric glue we found at Hobby Lobby.  Then we simply waited a day until we hung them up with finish nails.

Looks fabulous to me!

Oh yeah... and we also finally got curtains for our bedroom!  It only took us 3.5 years to finally decide it was necessary.

Now our room is starting to feel more put together.  If only we could finish our bathroom soon, too!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's raining today.  Praise the Lord!

I was really excited to be able to see how much rain we'll get today with my rain guage. 

Then, I remembered that a few weeks ago I went to look at it after our last rain and saw that it had broken.

The test tube thingy is made of glass and it must have shattered a bit with the cold weather. I'm on the hunt for a new test tube thingy that will fit my custom made from the okc art festival rain guage.