Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend...Day 2

As you should always do when you are staying in a hotel and you have no real concrete plans, you should sleep in and order room service!

We shared the Flint Breakfast and had some complimentary coffee which they bring to you on a tray in it's own fancy pitcher with creamer on the side.  I felt like I was living the life.  It was such a nice cool morning and early afternoon so it was perfect for walking around dowtown. We ventured to check out some little shops that I drive by all the time, but never go to becuase I'm either just in downtown to go to a Thunder game, or I'm leaving downtown after a day of work.  It's really sad, but sometimes I just can't be bothered to drive all the way to OKC on any other Saturday just to see what these shops are.  So being that our weekend getaway was in OKC, it was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

We checked out the Bow & Arrow Boutique which actually had some cute tops and stuff for affordable prices, but still too much that I'd like to pay.  Then we went to Retrofit (I think that was the name).  She takes vintage furniture and gives it a new life with a paint job and hip modern fabric.  Her daughter does ...interesting art.  They both have their own little studio spaces in the back which I found to be pretty cool.  Next we went to the three shops on 9th street.  Two of them were just little clothing stores with handmade things and cool trinkets.  The third store, Perchd which has always caught my eye since it first appeared, was super cute and sold ikea like, swedish modernish, trickets of sorts. Please watch this video to see what it looks like and you'll see what I mean.  

Next, we went to lunch at The Mule in the Plaza District.  They serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  What could be better than that!  I had the caprese and Stephen had the macaroni pony.  That's bbq pork with mac cheese together on a sandwich.  It's a lot of food.

After lunch we had the afternoon to kill so we went to an antique shop (Verdigris Antiques) I drive by alot to see what treasures were inside there.  And it was way cool!!!  We were really temped to buy this big bookshelf with wrought iron designs on the side to use as a make shift china cabinet/buffet.  But decided it was not quite right for what we need and too impulsey.  It's only $995 and it's really pretty!  I should still get it just because and hope to use it in some other house years from now!  

This store had all kinds of things!  Glass baby bottles, gas station numbers, old corbals, glove molds, books, stamps, baseball gloves, you name it, they had it!  The shop was pretty big so it took us a while to walk through and afterward we needed a nap!  We went back to the hotel to watch football, nap and veg before our night out.

I love Groupon.  It totally made our anniversary dinner at Boulevard Steakhouse taste a little sweeter.  Dinner was absolutely delicious like always. I say that like I've been there tons.  Haha, this was my second time.  It's a restaurant that you save for the upmost of special occasions.  And when it's your anniversary you get free dessert!  Also, as a side note, we must have been told "Happy Anniversary" at least 12 times, it was a little ridiculous, but sweet.

We drove back to downtown with full bellies and walked to the Civic Center to see Wicked!!!!!!  I'd also like to note that I had the forethought to bring my flips flops to walk in and then put my heels on when we got the the Civic Center.  I'm so smart.

These are our "I'm so excited and the show is about the start" faces.   Wicked was really good and funny.  I really like going to the Civic Center, getting dressed up and watching musicals, etc.  I feell so culturized.

The second best thing about your tickets are that you get a coupon on the back!  This one was for Flint, the restauant at our hotel.  How convienent for us!  So on Sunday (our actual anniversary), we checked out of the hotel and had a lovely breakfast on their patio.   Please don't judge, we just couldn't resist trying more than one thing on the menu.  It was all super good and we didn't eat again until dinner.

Even though our weekend in the city was for a special occasion, I would highly suggest that wherever you are, if you just need some time away from the every day ins and outs of work, chores, to do lists, etc, consider spending part of your weekend exploring your city.  I think you'll really enjoy yourself.

To conclude,  it was a really great, relaxing weeekend with my sweet husband celebrating our marriage and toasting to many more years.   :-)

Our Anniversay Weekend...Day 1

This weekend Stephen and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  September 15th was our wedding day.  I'm so glad we got married in the fall...er late summer I guess.

Anyway, we celebrated in style right here in our very own backyard, Oklahoma City.  It was the most gorgeous weekend and I seriously felt like I was on vacation somewhere else.

Looking through my pictures, it looks like all we did was eat!  But we really did do some other cool things that I'll just have to tell you about.  After work on Friday, we came home and packed clothes for the weekend.  We checked into the wonderful historic Colcord hotel and took the elevator to the 11th floor.  We walked in to this:

At first I was sure this was the suite, or we got upgraded or something.  But it wasn't a suite, just a normal room.  Okay, it was the corner room which is not quite a "normal" room.  But whatever, it was REALLY nice.

So after we put our stuff down, we headed back out to Live on the Plaza.  It's this little one block of the Plaza District with little artsy shops and weird hipster people mixed with small little bands and food trucks that culminate "Live on the Plaza" once a month!  We had never been so we thought, why not go!  It really is a family affair which surprised me.  I saw families there, groups of young kids walking around, couples, and of course some serious hipster folk...of all ages.  By now it was 8pm and I was starving so my first mission was to find something to eat.  We wanted to eat at "The Mule", a new gourmet grilled cheese place, but it was way too popular.  So we checked out the food trucks and decided on "Heo's Kitchen".  We got the Koreon and Vietnemese Taco, eggrolls and kabob to split.

This was very tasty, but very spicy!  My lips were so red and I felt like I was breathing fire!  So my next mission was to put the fire out.  And what better way to that but with some dessert from Pie Junkie.  Yes, they serve pie and milk.  Exactly what I needed.  I got the chocolate peanut butter pie and Stephen had the turtle pie and we both had some milk.  Both were declious and I felt so much better. A special note to my sister-in-law Liesel, they offer HappyPi hour, Tuesday through Friday, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and slices cost only $3.14 during that time.  Isn't that just super awesome!

After dessert we walked around to some of the most interesting shops.  We had a winarita from Urban Wineworks.  I should go back and buy some wine from them.  All the shops are locally owned and have handmade art, clothes, jewelry etc.  But some of the shops collect old vintage stuff and sell it.   I was so tempted to buy some of the dishes from the 50's, or a skirt from the 70's.  There was a shop called Bad Granny's Baazar. It was like a super awesome thiftstore and an absolute haven if you are a hipster.  I just found it cool and amusing.   These pictures are not from Bad Granny's, but some other little vintage furniture shop.

After walking around for a while we were tired, went back to the hotel, watched Sportscenter and went to bed.

Stayed tuned for Day 2

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Everyone will soon start posting exciting tales of what they did this weekend so I thought I'd post what we need.

Laid sod.
Watered sod.
Bought mums.
Planted mums.
Mowed Grass.
Had ice cream.
Cooked a roast.
Laundry/Tidy the house
Watched Clueless....classic
Watched View from the Top...terrible movie by the way.

Watched OSU football
Watched the documentary "Tabloid".  It was ... interesting.

Took 3 naps.
Did a little shopping at Target.
Went to church.
Posted the 58 pavers for FREE on craiglist.  They were gone in 20 minutes.
Had a fever of 99.6 all weekend.  Just enough to make you feel a little off your game.  I think Stephen and I either both got a little cold bug or allergy season is upon our household.

Overall, pretty good 3 day weekend in my book.  How long until the next one?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curb Appeal

Of all the upgrades we have done to our house so far, they have all been because it needed to be done.

Scrape off the popcorn ceiling...need.
Upgrade both bathrooms...defintely a need.
Upgrade lighting in the kitchen....need.
New roof...need.
Tear our shed and re-sod....need.

I would even say getting the solatubes put in was a need becuase it was always so dark in our living area.

But this upgrade we just did was a total and complete impulse.  An impluse that I thought about for a very long time.  I saw other houses with this in their front yard and loved the clean, crisp look of it.  I saw their ad in the little HomeMag magazine we randomly get sometimes.

So I finally decided to get a quote in June.  I guess it's a little pricey at $10 a foot, but we didn't have too much to do so it wasn't going to break the bank.  The company we used was busy this summer and the large amount of rain put him behind, but we finally had a our concrete curb edging put in this week and I am in love.

The only thing that's a bummer about it is that the edging in the front yard is almost a foot away from where the original garden edge was.  I have no idea why or how that happened. So we have some filling in to do.  We also have to extend our little rock paths that we made years ago so they will extend out to the new edge.

So yea...I thought all our outdoors projects would be done, but this makes one more.  But despite the extra work it makes for us, I still love the edging!!!

The grass will eventually grow back in.  They cut it way back do you won't have to edge or mow right next to the curbing and potentially damage it.