Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nine Months

Happy 9 months Zachary!

At his nine month appointment Zachary's stats are:

Weight: 19lbs 10oz (36%)
Height: 28 1/2 inches (60%)
Head: 46" (71%)

He is starting to get more and more mobile.  He doesn't offically crawl, but he will rock on his knees and sort of scoot himself forward or backward.   If he really wants to, he can definately roll and scoot himself around an entire room.  I'm counting my blessing though that I don't have a mobile child just yet.   This means he's still my little baby!

We are trying out new foods here and there aside from the pureed baby food. He likes the prune/apple variety, who would have thought! He's had pancakes, couscous (which he was quite perplexed by because it just got everywhere and stuck to his hands and he couldn't figure out how to eat it), strawberries, black beans, rice, scrambled egg, and tonight he may have had a few bites of cupcake and icing!  We still have no teeth, so even though he's pretty good about squishing the food around in his mouth, baby food is just the easiet route right now.

We are fairly certain Zach can say "Mama".  I take that back..we are positive that he can.  He's a serious mama's boy.  It's really sweet though, at night when Stephen is getting him ready for bed,  and holding him until I'm ready to take over, Zach will lean over and reach out with his arms and just say "mama" over and over again.  Sorry Stephen, you just don't have the goods like I do!

He's really like standing up and pulling himself up.  This picture was staged, I stood him up there.  However he can easiely pull himself up to his knees by the chair or coffee table.

We love you Zachy boy!