Sunday, March 8, 2015

Four Months

I can't believe it's been four months already since this little cute guy was born! Before I know it, he's going to be sitting up and eating solid foods.  But let's not rush things, it's still super sweet that he depends on us and just wants to be held sometimes.

Zachary is now 14lbs 3 ounces and 25 inches long.
He is in size 2 diapers and wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes.  Be can still wear a few 0-3 months if they are on the bigger end of spectrum.
Just today he finally rolled from belly to back multiple times without getting super mad!
He can hold onto his teddy bear and other toys on this play gym.
He talks ALOT and would rather suck and chew his fingers than be given a pacifier.
Zach hardly ever cries unless he's hungry or you take too long to respond to him fussing.
He's been sleeping in his crib for about a week now and we all sleep so much better.  He still wakes once, sometimes twice a night, to feed, but that's to be expected…he's still an infant!