Monday, October 12, 2015

11 months one week late

We were on vacation when Zach turned 11 months old and then he was  a very tired baby in the evenings during the week, so we took these picutres a few days late and I finally have a moment to post them

Mister Zachary is one seriously mobile baby.  He crawls everywhere and can go quite fast if he's excited about something.  He is getting very good at walking while holding onto things as well.  He can go all the way around the coffee table and transfer from that to the couch with ease.  He can also go all around the kitchen while holding onto the cabinet doors.  This new found ability to 'walk' has also made him realize that the kitchen cabinet doors are really fun to open and close.  He likes playing with the tupperware and pantry (pasta, crackers, potatoes) cabinets.  I don't mind that he gets into those becuase it's not breakable stuff.  However, now a majority of the cabinets have been temporarily baby proofed with rubber bands. It was getting a bit stressful trying to start dinner and also keep an eye on him or keep a door shut with my foot!

I'm glad I finally got a picture of Zach sitting like this.  I think it's so cute. 

In other exciting news, Zachary is cutting 4 teeth at once!  One bottom front tooth and one top 'vampire' tooth are poking through.  The other two of the same description are on the cusp of breaking through as well.  He's not really drooling and doesn't seem to be in much pain from it so that's good.  We have broken out the orajel a few times, but it gets on his lips more than his gums so I don't think it did much good anyway. 

Zachary has also learned to wave.  Never on command though :) It's way cute seeing him wave hi to Lanita (the daycare worker) and wave bye to his friends when I pick him up. Speaking of friends, he has a buddy named Will at daycare.  I've been told that they are best buds!  They follow eachother around everyone and are always in front of their classroom door causing trouble.  The director had to make a "Caution: babies crawling" sign on the door so that whenver someone opened it, they would do so carefully so as not to hit one of them. 

I think I said a few months ago that Zach didn't mind having his diaper changed or clothes changed and he was super calm about it every time.  Well, that is no longer the case.  Every time he is laid down to be changed he fusses and tries to roll over.  Then you have to grab his arm to keep him from rolling over and try to put a diaper on the same time all the while he is letting you know that he does not appreciate it at all!  Needless to say, I'm always asking for help to change him. I have no idea how they manage diaper changes at daycare…maybe it's a two person job there as well.

Zachary went on his first plane ride to Tucson this month as well.  He did great!  He was awake and happy on the way there and slept on both flights on the way home.  I have the perfect child!

We can't wait to see what you learn this month and are looking forward to celebrating your first birthday in just a few short weeks. Man, that really does go by fast!