Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fathers Day 2015

We didn't do anything too crazy for Fathers Day.  I'm not one to make a big hoopla out of these holidays, so we just got a few chores done and then spent some time together as a family (with grandparents) at the pool.

We went to church and the guys were just too handsome looking to not take their picture.

Being a father suits Stephen really well.  He loves getting Zach to smile and laugh and is patiently waiting for him to get bigger so he can run around, wrestle with, and generally do boy things together. 

Zach and I really appreciate everything that you do for us. Thank you for helping me to walk and sit, and pretty much do anything, that first week after giving birth.  Even though I did it naturally, my body was wiped out and useless.  Thanks for taking care of me and changing all the diapers that first week, and for helping us learn how to nurse and being a great encourager through all of it, even now.  Thank you for taking on the duty of washing the bottles and getting the milk ready for the next day of 'school'. It's a huge help while I'm calming a fussy baby. Thank you for putting the diaper bag, milk bottles, and pump bag in the car every morning on your way out the door.  It's a small gesture, but a huge weight off my shoulders.  Thank you for being the best supporter during this breastfeeding journey. It's an easy thing to do, yet so hard at the same time. Thank you for wanting to stay awake in the middle of the night with me while I nurse Zach so I'm not alone or the only one tired the next day.

Zachary loves you and I love you.  You're the best Dad we could have asked for!

 And a happy Fathers day to my Dad, too!  He's such a great baby whipserer right when you need him to be.  He's also a great help with  Pepper, taking her on walks, etc. 

Zachary loves to splash around in the bath, and I thought the pool would get the same reaction out of him.  Not so much.  Of the two times we've got he kind of just chills out and doesn't move or give any expression at all.  That's okay, it's still fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beard Evolution

Stephen will probably hate me for putting this on the interweb..but who cares.

A few weeks ago, Stephen's job had a week of fundraising to raise money for the local food bank.  It was big deal and every department was competing to raise the most money.  I get a call one day that he wants to raise $250 to shave his beard into weird styles.  I was hesistant to give the okay because I had really grown accustomed to it and would also now have to wait for it to grow back so we could do family photos.

As you can see…is department raised the money.  Which I still don't think was enough to warrant putting Stephen through this torture, but it was funny and fun nonetheless! I also gave in because he assured me it would grow back in like two weeks so we could do pictures.  He was right. 

Friendly Mutton Chops

The Winnfield

Fu Man Chu

The Magician


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


About a month ago, we made a very impromptu trip up to Nebraska to make sausage for the upcoming family reunion.  This was Zachary's second long road trip and he did a great job!

My aunt Mary Alice and Uncle Dave hosted us for the weekend.  We had some delicious french croissants for breakfast one day.  They were so buttery and awesome!

The boys and MAL made 60lbs of mild and hot italian sausage.  The best part of the whole thing was taste testing it along the way!

We also stopped over to see my Grandparents and aunt Debbie.  We had Grandma's meatloaf for dinner…which I don't think I had ever had before.  It was quite good.

Everyone doted on the little man and commented how smart of a baby he was.  It was cute and we were glad we were able to stop by and say hello.

Great Grandpa's beard really fascinated Zach.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seven Months

Finally! I was able to take these pictures last friday…so if we want to get technical, he was 7 months and 1 week old. Lol.

I've got to make this quick though since Zachary is currently napping and  I  fear he might wake up soon because he's been asleep almost 2 hours which NEVER happens.

- Zachary can now sit on his own with ease and I don't have to worry about him toppling over.  It still happens occasionally though, so we put a pillow behind him to catch his fall.  Falling back onto a hard wood floor is no bueno!

- He moved up to size 3 diapers and weighs probably about 18 lbs.

- I just learned from the daycare teachers that Zach feeds himself is own bottle now! They lay him on the boppy pillow and he grabs it from them and just goes to town. I should ask for a picture of it sometime.

- Zach constantly rolls from his back to tummy and just hangs out there.  He can scoot himself around, too so I wonder when he'll start going backwards or start crawling.  I better get in the habit of keeping my floors clean now.

- He loves to give himself kisses in the mirror and also reaches out for me to hold him.  It's so cute.

- He's a big fan of eating purees and loves peaches.  He's had sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, pears, applesauce, peaches, and carrots. He's also had the tiniest piece of a donut and chocolate chip cookie and seriously vocalized that he wanted more…not yet buddy!

- He's been to the pool once and seemed to enjoy it.  He just sat all chill and relaxed in his floaty.

- He's becoming more and more aware of Pepper and will reach out to pet her on occasion…but mostly just gets licked by her.

- He loves to stand up as well and jump around in his amazon exersaucer.


Zach currently takes two, sometimes three, naps a day and goes to bed between 730 and 8.  I am still pumping breastmilk for him during the day and nursing him when we are together.  I plan on continuing this until he's a year old or maybe even a year and half  if it's still working out for us.

This little boy is growing up fast and we are loving seeing his personality emerge

Monday, June 8, 2015

coming soon

7 months photos are forthcoming.  I couldn't find the camera charger for a few days.  Now that I found it I can charge the camera and take photos tomorrow.

I know you have been waited with bated (spelling) breath for these.

Here's some cute ones to tide you over…