Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Months

Zachary turned 5 months old!  Just like everyone tells you, time is really flying by.
He is 15 pounds.
Loves to smile at you and then look away
Laughs when you give him belly blows
Discovered that he can suck on his own lips/tongue
Can almost roll all the way from back to belly 
Can hold himself up in his play gym and has mastered grabbing for and holding onto toys…and then putting them in his mouth.
Zach has no teeth yet and has not shown any interest in 'solids'.  Which is good because Mommy is so not ready to start solids yet.  Maybe next month…

Zachary is a very chill baby and we love him for it.  He has his moments though and recently has started to actually cry when he just wants to be picked up and held. Otherwise, if he only wants a change of scenery, he'll just fuss and whine.  He still spits up alot and it's completely unpredictable in when it will happen and how much.  It can be really frustrating after a day of it and both he and I have change shirts twice.  Little man also had his first ear infection a few weeks ago.  He didn't seem bothered by it though.  Hopefully this is not a sign of many more to come.  

So serious!

Smiling for Daddy.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Four Months

I can't believe it's been four months already since this little cute guy was born! Before I know it, he's going to be sitting up and eating solid foods.  But let's not rush things, it's still super sweet that he depends on us and just wants to be held sometimes.

Zachary is now 14lbs 3 ounces and 25 inches long.
He is in size 2 diapers and wearing mostly 3-6 months clothes.  Be can still wear a few 0-3 months if they are on the bigger end of spectrum.
Just today he finally rolled from belly to back multiple times without getting super mad!
He can hold onto his teddy bear and other toys on this play gym.
He talks ALOT and would rather suck and chew his fingers than be given a pacifier.
Zach hardly ever cries unless he's hungry or you take too long to respond to him fussing.
He's been sleeping in his crib for about a week now and we all sleep so much better.  He still wakes once, sometimes twice a night, to feed, but that's to be expected…he's still an infant!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three Months

Zachary is now three months old.
He is 13.1 lbs
Holds his head up really well.
Can grab onto his blanket, pacifier, or toy.
Still loves his music star, hanging out on the changing table and bath time.
He is in daycare now and I think he enjoys it…but it sure does wear him out!
Zach still sleeps through the night, but will occasionally wake up once to feed.
He is currently battling his first illness as he has a bad cough.  He's being really good about taking his medicine though.  Let's all pray that he gets over this cough quickly!

Visiting Family

Back in early January, my mom and I took the opprotunity to drive up to Omaha and visit with family. Unfortunately, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Debbie were both in rehab hospitals at the time, but we hoped bringing a baby would cheer everyone up!

Aunt Rose

Uncle Tom

Uncle Sean

Liz, Rose and Aunt Mary Alice adoring on Zachary.

Zach meeting Aunt Debbie.  She was nervous to hold him for a minute, but she did great!

Great Grandpa and Grandma filled with joy and love for Zachary.

Great Grandma couldn't get enough snuggles! 

I'm so glad I grabbed this shot.  I just think it's so sweet.

Little Zackaroo…Grandpa's buddy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lots of pictures of Zachary and Christmas

Zachary has become quite the content baby.  He really enjoys just hanging out and watching the world around him.  The pictures were taken back in December when we still had the whole day to cuddle and learn all about each other.

This is one of the rare times I got him to sleep in his crib for a little nap.  He looks adorable don't you think?  It lasted about 10 minutes before her woke up.  I could never get him to take a legit nap at home unless I held him or he was in his car seat.  He takes a few one hour naps at daycare now, and I have no idea how they do it!

 This is one of his first smiles.  Most of you probably saw it on facebook.  His smiles bring us all so much joy and I hope they brighten anyone's day who's day might be a little gloomy.  Lately he's been so smiley and awesome in the mornings.  He wakes up, stretches and just smiles and coos.  Thank goodness he doesn't wake up screaming to be fed!

We are quickly running out of room on my parents mantle for all of our stockings!  Quick story.  My mom told me that last year Liesel went to get a red and green stocking for Molly and John and picked up an extra green one just in case.  We weren't even expecting when she bought it!

Brian came home for the holidays so we celebrated Christmas a week early with him.  He got to meet and hold Zachary and be super Uncle when my mom and I went to  play cards one night.  Dad was busy, Stephen wasn't home yet, so Brian had to go on baby duty for a good hour!  He did really well, and Zach had fallen asleep on him.  It was the cutest.


  Liesel handed down this Christmas outfit for Zachary to wear. We all agreed that that yes, Zach is Santa's favorite!  Is it bad that I didn't give my own child a Christmas gift?  We did get him an ornament, but I'm not sure that counts!  Zachary did get some more clothes though, which will come in handy in about 4-5 months when he fits into them.

We gifted family with some state art that we made. Zachary has a large Oklahoma one in his room and we liked it so much, we figured other people would as well.  We really enjoyed making these and everyone really enjoyed recieving them.

 All my Mom kept saying she wanted for Christmas was a canvas print of our family photo on the beach.  I have to say, this is THE BEST family photo I think we have ever taken.  Even Zachary is in the picture, and we didn't know it was him yet!

 We spent the actual Christmas day and weekend in Tulsa.  Here is his Great Aunt June getting in some quality Zach time.  They just talked and talked.

I thought this picture was cute becuase Pepper was hanging out underneath the table which she almost never does. Pepper went through this weird phase for a few weeks where she was really nervous, especially about being in the car.  The poor thing would shake like a leaf and have her tail between her legs the whole ride.  It didn't matter if we were just going to the dog park, which is a 10 minute drive, or driving to Tulsa.  Thankfully though, it only lasted a few weeks and she's totally over it now!  Thank  goodness, it was tough to see her all worked up.

We also made it a point to go visit Stephen's Grandma Mary.  She and Zachary are birthday buddies! Mary had been talking about Zach to everyone since his arrival so it was really special for them to meet and for her to show him off.  We visited again a few days before she passed away on Jan 27th.  It was really special, becuase although she was sleepy and not responding, she perked up when we told her Zach was here to see her and she gave him a kiss.

 Four generations.  Great Grandma Mary, Grandma Janet, Dad Stephen and Zach.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Months

Zachary turned two months old on January 5th.
He weighed 11lbs 7oz and was 23 inches long.

This month he discovered his hands and will suck on them.  He smiles and coos alot more and really enjoys laying down and listening to his light up music toy. He doesn't nap on his own very well, but sleeps like a champ at night, only waking up once to feed. He is still in size 1 diapers, but is quickly outgrowing them (and I have a ton that haven't been opened!) He is also still wearing 0-3 month clothes, although some that are on the smaller end have been retired.  I put him in a sleeper last week and discovered that he couldn't stretch his legs out!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

One Month

Just a few days before Zach turns two months, I'm posting his one month photos.  Here's hoping I can remember to take these every month!

Zach turned one month old on December 5th, which was Brian's 25th birthday.  Speaking of birthdays, Zach was born on Stephen's maternal grandmothers' birthday.  So now Mary has a birthday buddy. She was overjoyed.  I told her of the other birthday buddies in my family.  Me and my Aunt Debbie (born exactly 30 years apart) and my Dad and nephew John. Having a birthday buddy is like the coolest thing ever.

At one month Zach was rolling over from front to back.
Sleeping 5-7 hours at night.
Eating like a champ.