Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Months

Zachary turned two months old on January 5th.
He weighed 11lbs 7oz and was 23 inches long.

This month he discovered his hands and will suck on them.  He smiles and coos alot more and really enjoys laying down and listening to his light up music toy. He doesn't nap on his own very well, but sleeps like a champ at night, only waking up once to feed. He is still in size 1 diapers, but is quickly outgrowing them (and I have a ton that haven't been opened!) He is also still wearing 0-3 month clothes, although some that are on the smaller end have been retired.  I put him in a sleeper last week and discovered that he couldn't stretch his legs out!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

One Month

Just a few days before Zach turns two months, I'm posting his one month photos.  Here's hoping I can remember to take these every month!

Zach turned one month old on December 5th, which was Brian's 25th birthday.  Speaking of birthdays, Zach was born on Stephen's maternal grandmothers' birthday.  So now Mary has a birthday buddy. She was overjoyed.  I told her of the other birthday buddies in my family.  Me and my Aunt Debbie (born exactly 30 years apart) and my Dad and nephew John. Having a birthday buddy is like the coolest thing ever.

At one month Zach was rolling over from front to back.
Sleeping 5-7 hours at night.
Eating like a champ.

Friday, January 2, 2015


I was going to post about all the holidays at once…but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, and I'm currently too lazy to do so.

Thanksgiving was our first holiday together as a little family of three. Four if you want to count the dog, but I don't want to be one of those families that thinks the dog is like another child and we treat her like another kid.  However, she does tend to demand a lot of our attention just like a toddler would.

Zach was a perfect little angel baby for the holiday and really enjoyed meeting his cousins.
We all a good time drinking, playing cards, watching sports, and hanging out.

As I was getting pictures for this post, I realized that I got a photo of almost everyone holding him.

We introduced the first bottle this weekend and Stephen was pretty excited to give it to him.  Zach gobbled it up in less than five minutes. 

Molly (3), John (7 months), Will (6), Dominic (8),  Zachary(3 weeks)

Will lost one of his front teeth on this trip.  He was looking a bit snaggletoothed, but now looks super cute with it gone. He was nervous to have it pulled, but Grandpa and Dad kept saying it was so ready.  So Will wiggled it and moved it around, but it wouldn't come out.  We gave it rest for the night, but I told Will that it didn't look ready to me and to not let them force it on them.  It just needed one more day of wiggling becuase it came out the next day with a little tug!

The men having martinis by the chiminea in the middle of the afternoon.  I found this to be really hilarious. 

Cute Molly in our neighbors light display.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zach's first photos

Here's a few photos from Zach's first few days with us.  This first one is right after he came out. I was so exhausted I think I was already starting to fall asleep. 

 First family photo.  I like how Stephen and my hands cross.

Zach's going home outfit. We had the exact same outfit in pink if we had had a girl.  This outfit was a serious pain to put on him. This is the only day he wore it.

I thought we'd be really thrifty and do our own newborn photoshoot.  They aren't really fancy, but I think we got a few good ones.  Professional shots would have been a lot nicer and jazzed up, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it.  We are going to get some professional family shots taken though when he's about 3 or 4 months old. (These pictures were taken when he was about 5 days old)

Tiny toes and tiny hands. I'm amazed at how fast those fingernails grow!  I've already had to cut them three times.  I also think it's crazy the amount of dirt and grime that gets under those tiny nails…where does it come from?!  You're inside all day being held!

One of his first baths. He absolutely loves bathtime.  He is totally chill during the whole bath just staring at you and letting his legs dangle in the water. The duck cozy is great too, because he stays a little warmer. 

Next up will be some more recent pictures.  I just have to upload them from the camera first!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Zachary's Birth Story- as written by our Doula

Here is how Zach's birth unfolded.  Our doula took notes while I labored and then wrote this out for us.  She gave it to us at our 1 week postpartum visit.  It was fun to remember all those random details that I went through.  One of these days, I'll write my own birth story from my side of things, but for now if you're interested in what I did for 27 hours to bring Zachary into the world…here you go!

November 4th, 2014

10:00am - You nervously cried as you settled into your room and were hooked up to the pitocin with a monitor on to track contractions and the baby's heartbeat. Once your nerves subsided, you rested quietly for about an hour. 

12:30pm- I arrived at Mercy Hospital and met you in room 633 where you were on the birth ball. Half and hour later your nurse Sharon checked you and found you were 4cm dilated. 

1:45pm- You rested in bed on your right side for half an hour and then on your left side for half and hour. We turned soft music on and I massaged you with lavender essential oil

2:45pm-Sharon checked your progress again and found you were still 4cm dilated. You and Stephen enjoyed a game of cards in hopes of distraction from the short contractions that your Pitocin was encouraging.

3:30pm- Your contractions quickly began to come in a consistent pattern, about 4-5 minutes apart and you changed positions often as they began to demand your attention.

5:00pm- Dr. Wayman came in to check on you. She found that you were now 5cm dilated and you declined her offer to rupture your membranes. After she left, you battled fear and doubt as you cried quietly on Stephen’s shoulder. He encouraged and comforted you as you slow-danced through your contractions.

6:30pm- You got onto the bed in a hands & knees position and did pelvic tilts. “I can really feel the pressure now!” you said as the contractions intensified. You breathed and rocked your hips through the powerful waves and Stephen and I rubbed your lower back. 45 minutes later we met your new nurse Holli, she checked you and found that you were 5cm dilated, 90% effaced and your baby was at a -2 station. Your contractions were now coming every 2-3 minutes and you were breathing through them.

8:00pm- After discussing your options, you decided to have the Pitocin turned off for the night. You got up and enjoyed some soup for dinner. An hour later you got into bed in a side-lying position and rested with your eyes closed. Your contractions were still coming every 2-3 minutes and you moaned through them.

9:45pm- You moved into the bathroom and labored on the toilet for half an hour and came back into the room and swayed your hips as you walked around.

11:00pm- Your nurse found that you were now 7cm dilated and 90% effaced. You got back into bed and rested. Stephen hung both “homecoming” outfits in the room for motivation.

November 5th, 2014

12:00am- You labored on the toilet in the bathroom for 45 minutes and then your nurse checked you and found that you were 7cm dilated. You got into the warm shower and labored there for almost an hour. You sat upright in the bed and switched the peanut ball from leg to leg as you moaned through the contractions that were still 2-3 minutes apart. 

3:00am- You and Stephen went for a short walk and you did some more pelvic tilts in the hand and knees position on the bed.

4:00am- Your nurse checked you and found that you were 8cm and 100% effaced. You rested in bed for another hour. The room was dimly lit, your soft music was turned back on and I massaged you with more essential oils. Your mom arrived and sat quietly near your bed as you rested.

5:00am- You got up and began swaying and moving through your contractions. You decided to start the Pitocin again and did figure 8’s on the ball after that got going. You battled fatigue and doubt and Stephen continued covering you in encouraging words and touch. 

7:20am- Dr. Wayman came to check on you and found that you were dilated to 8cm and you agreed to letting her rupture your membranes. We met your new nurse Sarah and you rested in bed for the next hour.

8:20am- You got up and did more figure 8’s on the ball. Stephen turned on some upbeat music and then you moved to standing and swaying your hips to the music. After 45 minutes you moved into the bathroom and labored on the toilet for half and hour.

9:30am- Your nurse checked you and found that you were still 8cm dilated but that your baby had moved down further into your pelvis. You battled doubt and exhaustion as they began monitoring your baby internally.  You were offered an epidural, in hopes of getting some rest, but instead decided to just increase the Pitocin.  You then lunged on your left side through 5 contractions. “This baby is moving so much...this is so hard” you said as you held your belly and cried softly. You moved onto the bed and did more pelvic tilts on your hands and knees as the intensity of your contractions seemed to rapidly increase.

11:05am- You began feeling “pushy” while on your hands and knees. Your nurse checked you and found that you were almost completely dilated. You soon began actively pushing on your hands and knees with the nurse gently guiding you. An hour later, Dr. Wayman arrived and you rolled onto your back as you continued to follow your body’s instincts and worked hard to bring your baby earthside.

1:05pm- Zachary Vaughn Brister was brought into the world and placed on your chest. Stephen joyfully announced that you had birthed a baby boy. “Hi Zachary! Hi big boy!” you whispered. Zachary lay on your chest as the two of you silently took each other in.

1:15pm- Stephen accompanied Zachary over to the warmer where he was weighed and measured. The nurse found that he was 9 pounds, 6 ounces and 21 1/2 inches of perfect baby boy. An hour later, Zachary hungrily latched onto your left breast for his first meal.

What an amazing way to bring such a beautiful child into this world. 

The Bump

So I grew a baby and my belly grew!  Here are some of the belly shots we took.  

I gained only 20 lbs and it was all in the belly. I did have some swelling in my feet and legs, but compression socks made it feel a whole lot better.  I had heartburn basically everyday and had to watch what and how much I ate to avoid regret late at night.  Severe ligament pain plagued me for about the last four months.  Changing positions in bed and getting out of bed were incredibly painful.  Stephen had to help me get out of bed basically everyday towards the end. Feeling the baby kick was pretty awesome and seeing my whole belly move was both weird and awesome. Being pregnant was awesome and I miss the cute new clothes I got to wear!  People say I'd miss the belly and the kicks and everything about being pregnant…I brushed it off…but 1 day after giving birth I totally understood what they were saying!  I can't wait to do it all again…minus the ligament pain, that was actually really terrible.

16 weeks

20 weeks
24 weeks
26 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks

34 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

40 weeks

1 week post birth

Friday, August 22, 2014

OKC Memorial Marathon

We volunteered to be course marshals again for the OKC marathon.  It's really quite fun, especially when the swarm of runners comes by...and it literally lasts for like 45 minutes.  By the way, our corner was TOTALLY rockin' it!  We had such a crowd of specators and runnings that danced and sang along with the playlist we made for the event.  We knew the runners would like it and it also greatly entertains us while we stand there for 4 hours.  We bought a karoke machine looking speaker that you can hook your ipad/iphone up to and stream your tunes.  This tiny speaker (okay it was like the size of a small amp) blasted music so loud and so clear, people could hear it a block away!

Here's my mom coming and going ... she always stops to chat when she sees us but this time we didn't really let her...don't want to mess up the PR!

Maybe one day I'll run this half marathon, but for now, I'm perfectly content being a volunteer and bringing musical entertain for the runners.