Sunday, September 30, 2012

Digital Book

It's been two and half years since we've gone to South Africa.  

Do I have all the pictures scrap-booked? No. 

Do I have our video onto our hard drive and edited? No.

I finally decided that I need to have something to do so I started weighing my options of getting a photo album together.  I could either print close to 300 pictures and traditionally scrapbook them, ala Creative Memories style, or I could look into doing a digital photo book.   I had done our honeymoon and our DC trip the traditional way and really thought I would do South Africa in the same manner and it would all be part of our "vacations" album.  

But...that's a lot of pictures, and time, and money.  So I did my research and decided I would use InDesign to create my page layouts and then upload them to a site called  Then they would take my design and create a hardbound 10"x8" book.

Doing it this way allows me a little bit more creative freedom.  I can have pictures be the background and write little text stories, I can zoom in on pictures, and size the pictures exactly how I want them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 years

I had this post planned for like 2 weeks before our 5 year anniversary on September 15.  And then I forgot to post it live.  Oh well.  

Want to know what we did for our milestone anniversary?  Well I wasn't feeling too hot and had taken a nap earlier in the day.  So we both just wanted to stay home.  We picked up chinese food, and some wine (that we didn't even drink that night!) and a red box movie and called it good. Perhaps next year or at least on our 10 year we'll do something awesome.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to look at some pictures of the two of us.  All the way back to nine years ago when we first met.  Please don't judge as we may be added a few layers of insulation to ourselves over the years.  We do have plans to remedy that.

First date. September 23, 2003

First official fancy date and first kiss. Christmas 2003

First time we said "I love you".  Valentines Day 2004. 

Band nerds.

Someone's wedding.  I still have and still love that dress.  Hoping I'll be able to wear it again eventually.

1 year Anniversary date and Stephen writes me a song.

We're engaged!  April 2006.

Lake Hefner bike ride.  Summer 2007 maybe?

Our wedding.  September 15, 2007.

First Dance.  We learned the fox trot and then choreographed our dance.

 Honeymoon Maine. Oct 2007.

One year anniversary.  Pauls Valley, OK.  Just a little getaway at a 1920's Bed and Breakfast.  And we couldn't resist acting like some kids in the dress up area of the  Toy and Action figure museum. 

  Happy New year 2009.

Crested Butte, Colorado.  Prospector Run.  We've been so many times to this town, I don't even know what year this was.  Could be 2009 or 2012.

 Potomac River, Washington DC trip July 2009

Go Pokes!!!!

  Remember that year it snowed on Christmas Eve and it was a blizzard and everyone was snowed in?  That's what year we took this picture.

Simbavti River Lodge, South Africa.  The absolute most awesome, relaxing, breath taking, rejuvenating, incredible, I'd get on a plane and go there tomorrow, place I've ever been to.

Cape Town, South Africa.  On top of Table Mountain.

Thunder game!

 At a friend's wedding. June 2012

I love you babe!  I'm looking forward to whatever the next 5 years will bring us!