Saturday, July 26, 2008

The mess we're making...

Well...we closed on our house on the 24th and everything went well.  Unfortunately the sellers weren't the greatest and left a lot of things undone in the house for us to deal with.  Random stuff in the shed, a leaky faucet, dead tree, and dustmites and other nasty things.  Despite all of this, we do have a month to move in and we are really excited to own our first home.  It's kind of surreal.  We ate dinner there on Friday night, we took our picnic basket and a rug and ate on the floor.  It felt like we house sitting for an empty house!

Today (saturday) we gave tours to our parents and started the popcorn removal process.  Being newbies to this we had no idea how easy or hard or messy it would be. Luckily we found this really great tool that has done wonders to minimize the mess.  (see pics)  By the end...the whole room was covered in plastic and with the door shut, it all got sucked to walls.  It was very odd to be in there.

Luckily, to our suprise, the popcorn removal was relatively  easy...and won't take as long as we thought it would.  However, we still have to repair some small gouges, 
prime and paint.  But we'll take a poll...should we texture the ceiling, or just paint it?  Of course if we texture, that will be hired out.

Now that we're actually doing stuff these days...I'll have something to post on this blog.  So keep posted for the many projects that will be happening this month.

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