Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reunion, Running, and Remodel

So we had the annual Brister Reunion on July 17 in Tulsa. It was an awesome turnout with the grandparents..all 4 of their kids, all of their kids and spouses/boyfriends, and a great grandchild! The weather turned cool (95) just in time for everyone to come down. I had the idea to make shirts this year, just for something different. I love the way they turned out and they were a huge hit with everyone!!!!
Next...Stephen (27:25), Megan (32:18), Mom (36:11), Brian (21:22)and Jenny (28:34) ran in the Midnight Streak 5k. It was really awesome!
Still in the works is our bathroom remodel. Today we have the plumber here to install our tub and shower fixtures!!! Here is the old cast iron tub being taken out. Our new tub is acrylic and wider and deeper. But...the bathroom will be another post.

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Rick said...

I can't wait to do our bathroom. I want a tub just like yours, I think.
The photo of the 5 of us at the Streak looks good enough for framing.