Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Thumb

Spring is giving us a sneak peak at its beautiful weather in between days of cloudy skies and cold winds.

Our new garden is just about ready for showing off! Last fall we completely took everything out. 5 huge ugly bushes, an old tree stump, a lot of roots, and a few hostas that we actually saved. This is what the garden looked like when we moved it. It looks great...but at a closer look it wasn't the best plan.
All winter, our garden looked like this. Depressing.

But, after a great trip to TLC Garden and Nursery center, we know have THIS!!!
After some tilling and digging, and putting in some really cool plants, I think our garden is going to look awesome. We put in a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Graham Blandy Boxwoods, Indian Hawthorn, Ebb Tide Rose Bush, Hydrandra, Corel Bells, Hostas, Violas, small Pine Bushes, and a Honeyhill because it looked really cool.

Looking at it all now it looks so bare, but after we put in our path and it all starts to bloom, I know I'm really going to love it!

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