Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Garden

Well... like I said. I'm so done with gardening right now until May when I can plant my impatiens. For the past, I think three weekends, we have spent the ENTIRE weekend working outside in the yard to prepare the dirt for this: Yes. Those are TWO 3.5' x 9' raised garden beds. My wonderful husband made them for us...back in January.

Of course, we had to remove all the bermuda grass first so we'd hopefully stop it from encroaching into the garden. Thanks to Carol and my Dad for being the extra helping hands and getting all 25+ feet done in! Stephen and Ialready had about 3 feet done, but the rest of it took from 9-3 on a Saturday. Not too shabby.!We still are going to put some 12" pavers all around the beds. But that's for another weekend...

Our other project involved our back flower garden. It only had a crepe mrytle back there and I had envisioned something of a wildflower look.

Really...I think the pictures don't do it justice. It's really full and most of it is perennials, so once things start growing and blooming it's going to look AWESOME!!!

Now, we still have a bit of work to do in the front yard. We bought a little holly tree and two small boxwoods (I think) that we still need to get planted. Another day and another update. Check out the pictures here!

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Deb Buschelman said...

Megs, I bought some more of them was the Travelocity Gnome. He was at Shopko and cheaper than most places.