Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yeah for Vacation!

Ok so we went to Savannah, Georgia a few weeks ago for a family reunion. It was delightful!

We rented a big beach house for our family just 200 yards from the beach. Glorious!
We chatted and ate breakfast out the enclosed porch!

We looked real cool taking the trolley tour!
We caught some major waves!
Will liked to scream at the waves!
We went the always fun baseball game and played Mound Ball!

We hung out and played in the sand!
We hung out with our big crazy family!
We had a super fabulous dinner and spent some time together!
Dom played in the waves and I tried to hold on to him so they wouldn't take him under!
Molly napped.
We played Sheephead!
We buried Will...but I don't think he liked it that much.

What an awesome vacation...when's the next one?

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