Friday, March 16, 2012


I obviously don't live in a town where there are subways and I probably never will.

But these are just too awesome and it really makes me want to make something like this.

This one is just inspired from the Toyko subway maps.
 This one is the Paris Metro map using embroidery floss on canvas.

And this one is the US interstate system in subway map form!  How cool is that!


Liz said...

I read through the directions for the Tokyo quilt. I was intimidated! Lots of little squares. Love the Metro. Looks so easy but probably not.

Liz said...

The designer for the subway quilt has created a new pattern. Perhaps we'll make your first quilt together!!

Liesel said...

I liked the floss one. Though, Dom and Will would love the map of the United States. Good luck with that :)!