Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Visit

Click on the link above to see pictures from when the Buschelman's came to town!

William and Stephen colored one night after dinner.  William told me all about the differences between drawing a bad guy and a good guy.  Bad guys have little eyes and good guys have big eyes.  Or was it the other way around... I can't remember, but it was cute.

This little girl was darling and really independent. I was impressed by her ability to actually walk up and down stairs, instead of just sliding on her stomach or rear like most little kids do.  

One evening I asked William if he wanted to play hide and seek outside with Dominic and Molly.  He replied with an enthusiastic "yes". I love playing hide and seek with this kid.  He'd start out hiding on his own, or where you told him to hide, but after a few rounds he'd just ask to hide with me and when the person who was "it" started to count, he would urgently say "Lets go".  We let Molly just wander the backyard, but a took her to hide with me a few times and she was super sweet!  She was really still and would whisper baby talk in my hear.  She's so smart and totally didn't give our hiding spot away with her quite giggling.

We all played a couple rounds of "bocce ball".  Fun and easy going game.  I'm sure my cousin Sarah could easily beat us all just by herself though.

I took a day off work to hang out with everyone, but forgot my camera on our adventure downtown.  We walked through the underground en route to the myriad gardens, played around a bit on the kids parks, had lunch, saw the ducks, and headed back home.  The trip downtown would have been really cool had the splash park been open, but it wasn't.  In retrospect, we could have just stayed in Edmond and played at the park at Hafer, but I know that Stephen had a lot of fun showing us all around town and showing off his Godson to the peeps at work.

This was all my idea of putting Molly in the doll crib I had from when I was little.  I knew she wouldn't fit, and I had no idea how she would react to it, but it was hilarious.  She just had this blank look on her face while she played with her feet like "uh, ok Aunt Megan, I can't believe you put me in this and are now taking lots of pictures of this hilarious situation, but since I can't really get out of it myself, I'll just play with my feet until you pick me up"

I took her out, but then she just turned right back around and tried to get in it herself.  She managed to sit it in and then promptly gestured for the blanket and doll.  She looked so proud.

Then it was William's turn while Molly rocked him to sleep.

Alright...more pictures and adventures another day!


Nana said...

Wonderful pictures and great commentary. They are cute kids aren't they!

Liesel said...

Thanks, Megan! I don't think we have many pictures from the trip at all, but a lot of great memories!