Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tin Roof....Rusted!

Name that song.  But for our house it's more like  Shingle Roof....Busted!

On 5/29 we got hit by a hail storm.  We had gone to see a movie and on our way home it was on the radio that some large hail was heading straight for us.  We barely made it home just in time to move junk around in the garage to get both cars in.

Shortly after, I think our power went out and our house was hit with hail.  It was so loud and sounded like the house was being hit with a hundred paint ball guns and hammers.

Yeah....getting artsy pics of shingles!

About a week and half later, we were finally able to get up on the roof and assess the damage.  

And we saw for ourselves that the hail gods answered our prayers!

After the insurance checked out the roof damage, it was totaled!

But our deductible was high, and it's SUPER hard to get a good upgraded roof without having to pay the deductible.  Oh well, at least we're going to get some nice shingles and ventilation which is BADLY needed on our house!

And yes, this is a hole in our roof.  Yay for hail!

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Rick said...

Thank you Hail God.