Saturday, August 4, 2012


A few weeks ago Younghouselove did a post about the top 5 things they were glad they registered for at their wedding and things they were glad they didn't register for.  I thought that sounded like a whole lotta fun so I'm going to take a crack at it, too!

Ideally I would write this post in September since that will be our 5 year wedding anniversary.  But I'm impatient and figured that while it's on my mind, I'll just post it now.

Five Things I'm glad we registered for:
1. Laundry Hamper
2. Weber Grill
3. Crockpot
4. Really nice Berndez pots.  Actually, we didn't register for these, but they're really nice.
5. Throw Blanket

Five Things we registered for and wish we hadn't
1. Coffee Maker..hardly ever gets used and is taking up space
2. Pryex glass storage containers (all the round ones) I've never used them, and they are still in the box in the very, very back on my cabinets.  But I figure someday I might need them, so I'm holding on to them
3. Root beer float mugs...again never used
4. Martini Shaker - never used
5. Black fabric napkins - why black?  I think I've used these maybe four times in five years

Now, we lived in an apartment for  a year after we got married, so it wasn't really practical to register for any home decor or furniture.  But here's a list of things that we've bought since we moved into a home 4 years ago, while we still try to figure out our "style"

Things we've bought since our wedding
1. Entertainment unit
2. Proper dining table and chairs.  A bit big for now, but I still like it.
3. New Ninja's ridiculously awesome
4. Nice bookshelves and leaning shelf
5. Front porch bench and lounge chairs for the backyard.

So, what are 5 things you're glad you registered for? 5 things you wish you hadn't?


Liesel said...

I hear you on the pyrex. We never use them, but they are taking up space. Ok, I sometimes use them,when I have NOTHING else to use...

I'll have to think about our 5 either direction...

Rick said...

Mom and I got 5 cheese fondue pots for our wedding. I think we re-gifted at least 2 of them.