Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thunder Game

So I uploaded pictures from my camera and realized that I have so many things to blog about now!

Way back in April, gold prices dropped like a lot.  That meant that Stephen's place of work suddenly became super incredibly busy with packing all the orders that were placed.  They even did $35 million worth of sales in one day.  In a normal week they place about 7,000 orders.  However because of the massive drop in gold prices, I think they did about 25,000 orders in one week.

So yeah, they were busy.

The owner  and some other high paid peeps tried to think of ways to push these order out in an easy and effective way. After tossing around different ideas, someone just said " ya know, we just need some family and friends to come in for a fews and one day on the weekend".

Genius idea!

Stephen and I volunteered on a Sunday to work in the vaults from  7-5pm (and we got paid to do it).  It was a long and tiring day.  Stephen pulled orders, I worked in shipping most of the day, and then did some coin prepping for last 2 hours.

It was pretty cool to see the thick vault walls and understand how the production line works down there.

Well anyway, that was to preface why we got to go to the first game of the NBA playoffs this season. The owner has 4 floor seats right across from the Thunder bench.  While we were wrapping up our day of work, the owner pulled Stephen aside asked asked if we would like to go and to keep it "hush hush".

Um...we said yes.  How could you not!

The great thing about experiencing floor seats too is that you get to eat a really great free dinner buffet, have drinks by court side and have dessert at half time!


Liz said...

Oh, to have a job with perks like this.

Liesel said...

So I take it the statute of limitations expired on keeping the game "hush hush". Very cool experience!