Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lets play catch up

Reading blogs is so much fun and entertaining for me.  I only wish that I could actually write clever and entertaining blogs at least twice a week for people to read. So lets go back all they way to December when the the Buschelman kids were in town and post some silly pictures.

Here's a picture of Will who I caught playing with the toilet paper.  He wanted to measure it and see how long it was across the room.

And here's miss Molly with some serious bedhead.  She was so proud.

The kids also stayed the night at our house, which is always lots of fun.  We might have stayed up really late on accident.   William remembered that we don't have stairs, but decided that was okay now because his house doesn't have stairs either. The boys are getting instructions from the master of Mario.

 Since Molly and I couldn't play Mario, we decided it'd be more fun anyway to take a bubble bath. She was in heaven!  She showed me how she can blow bubbles and attempted to show me her swimming skills, which were very good even in 8 inches of water.

One day, while Stephen and I were getting Chipolte for lunch, the kids and Liesel experienced their first Oklahoma earthquake while at home. I think it was a 4.1 and it actually made the pictures shift on the wall, a few things fell from a ledge and the bathroom cabinets.  The only damage done was this shadow box with glass that shattered as it fell from the top of the computer desk.   Needless to say, it's now nailed to the wall. 

Stephen also graduated with his Masters degree in Finance.  He made a 4.0 and had the HIGHEST score the masters test.  I am seriously impressed with this smartness.


Rick said...

nice pix...!

Liesel said...

I do not remember the toilet paper incident. That is such a Will thing to do. Now post about coming to Florida!