Monday, May 18, 2015

Zach's Tree

Long before I got pregnant, Stephen and I had decided that when we had our first child (and every child after that) we would plant a tree for him/her.  It's a special thing to be able to tell your child, this is your tree, we planted it just for you.  Just like we will nuture you, the earth will nurture this tree and you will both grow big and strong.  It's fun to watch the tree grow as the child grows.

We finally got around to planting Zachary's tree in March and we chose an Oklahoma Redbud.

Right after the tree was planted in March.
 Here is the tree in May.  Way more exciting becuase it has leaves now!


Liz said...

This will be great to photograph through the months and the years. A great idea.

Janet Brister said...

I vote it is time for another tree photo update!