Friday, February 6, 2009


Well I have no pictures for this post. Stephen and I hosted a superbowl party at our house. We had a nice turnout, catered Qdoba and had some nice beer. Unfortunately, not a lot of people drank any of it so we have a bunch left over.

Also, Stephen and I (and my mom) are training to run a 5k in April. It's the OKC Memorial Marathon. We are training through Fleet Feet. We run on Mondays and Thursday as a group and then Tuesdays and Saturdays are on your own. This first week the training is run 1 minute and walk 2 minutes. Each week we'll increase the run by 30 seconds. And by the end of the 12 week program we should be able to run 3 miles. I'm quite sore after three days of running, but we're pretty excited about taking on this challenge.

Okay...that's about all.

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