Thursday, April 23, 2009

NEW !!!!

If you have been following my facebook updates you know that I have been trying to fight off getting a cold. Well today I officially lost. I have a cold or allergies or something and it's making it hard to breath and my eyes are burning. This is a total bummer because I was hoping to be in good health before I ran my first 5k on Sunday morning. However, I still have two days to recover, and Stephen just brought me some good medicine.

Okay so today, despite the sadness to my parents we moved the piano to our house. Mom just doesn't play it anymore and Stephen and I really wanted to start playing again and take some lessons.
The only place we could put it was our guest bedroom. And yes, that's my old trundle bed in there too. We had it tuned and the guy said that's it's in really good condition and that yamahas keep their pitch really well so we didn't need any major tuning. YEAH! I haven't played in about 10 years so I only know one song by finger memory. Stephen is going to have to help me remember how to read the bass clef also.

In other exciting news we transplanted our vegatables to the garden yesterday. I am super excited to watch them grow and bear fruit!! We have 4 tomato plants that are about 4 inches tall. There were actually 6 in the pot but we decided 4 was enough.
And we have 9 green and red pepper plants that are about 2 inches tall.
Among our herbs I planted Parsley...

Basil and Cilantro....

Tomorrow Stephen and I and some friends from work are going to the Arts Festival, Pasta night is on Saturday and our run is on Sunday Morning. So be looking out for the next blog update!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I really should get a gmail name so I don't have to be anonymous. GReat blog and pictures. Dad has our before and after pics on our album.

Next challenge--a 10K?
When do piano lessons start?