Sunday, April 19, 2009

Short and Sweet...

So.....I have a blog, so I should blog.

I last wrote about the weather....which is lame...but in Oklahoma it can be quite interesting. So in Feb. we had a tornado and the last weekend in March it snowed. Go figure. Tulsa got about 3 inches and the panhandle got about a foot!
The daffodils that were all over my yard bloomed early and have already died. It was sad, but we have already planted new things for late spring and summer. Last weekend, Stephen and I spent the ENTIRE day in the yard getting it ready to plant. We took out some bushes and rocks, tilled the dirt, put in a new border, and didn't get any flowers planted until after it rained for a whole day. I waited as long as i could stand it (a day and half) for the dirt to dry and planted our flowers before it rained again. Our front garden area should be full of color in no time!

I also started an herb and veggie garden 6 or 8 weeks back and desperately need to move the tomatoes to the ground. I have 5 tomato plants in 1 pot...and i just saw 3 more buds today!!!! We have a few green/red pepper plants as well as some basil, cilantro, and parsley.

My mom and I went to go see the King Tut exhibit in Dallas back in Feb. It was alright, like any other historic exhibit. We had a bit of time to look at the modern art stuff, which is say the least. We had dinner with the Gerbers and everyone else. As always it was quite the commotion.Here, we all take a turn at "skip-it".

Please don't be offended by the following video. Stephen thought the lady had a weird look on her we covered her up. Then to be funny we gave the vice president a top hat and a little beard. Oh, just watch....hopefully you'll get a little laugh out of it like we did.

Top Hat

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