Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Assortment of Awesomeness...

I already blogged about running our first 5k...but here's a picture for you. Look to our Youtube site for a short video of the marathoners at mile 21!

Here's a funny story. About a week ago dad wrote me on facebook and asked if I'd come over and show him the ropes. It was super funny to see his reaction to understanding who could see what, and why I could see what he wrote people through my news feed. It was fun. And in the process I had to call my Grandpa and walk him through deleting friends. Apparently he had become friends with strangers due to some "senior moments".

Lately, I've become slightly addicted to searching and following other people's blogs. You could call me a blog stalker because I don't even know most of these people. However, one night, in the two hours I wasted just reading blogs and looking at facebook I came across some pictures of some really awesome looking cupcakes. They were not the normal chocolate with chocolate icing either. They were seriously gourmet. So I decided to try and make my own version (from a martha stewart recipe).

I decided to make homemade banana cupcakes with buttercream icing. Here is a picture of all the ingredients that are needed. I'm so artsy, aren't I.
First you must cream your butter and brown sugar.
Then you mix your banana and buttermilk with some vanilla extract. You then mix this with the butter and some flour to make the cupcake!
While baking them.....
....make the most sweetest, awesomest, icing ever....and TA DA!!! With just a sprinkle of cinnamon you have delicious cupcake!! I made them on mothers day and we each enjoyed 1 maybe 2. I made Stephen take them to the break room at his office so other people could enjoy them and I wouldn't gain 5 pounds.


Anonymous said...

Mom says--Those cupcakes were good. I am glad you didn't give the recipe for the icing, though, so I am not reminded what was in them--not enough running to work those off!

Aunt Deb said...

I like looking at your goodies. I need a blog to write about my gardening and lack of cooking.

Aunt Deb