Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A summary...

It feels like I'm always doing "summary" posts. Oh well!

I don't have a picture for this but for my 25th birthday Stephen and I spent a whole day at White Water Bay. No phones, no watches. Just did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It was AWESOME!!!!!

We cheered my mom on at the Downtown Dash 5k. She did great!!!!

Stephen's department at work had a cookout at Mitch Park. We played games, cooked burgers, and stayed out really late like we were teenagers.
Meanwhile....Stephen continues to make progress on our bathroom remodel while I document it with pictures and stay out of the way.

Next we traveled to Tulsa to videotape a friends wedding and visit with friends and family. My next project is to make a wicked DVD for the newlyweds!!
We also went to a renewal of vows for some friends of ours that eloped 4 years ago. It was quite the casual affair, but really cool to be there.

And last but not least. I found 3..yes 3!! Tomatoes growing on my tomato plants. I'm actually worried to leave them for five days while we're out of town!!!

This is my tomato and green pepper garden. The peppers are also starting to grow but they are so small the picture did not turn out great.
See you next time for a post all about Washington D.C.!!!!!!

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Rick said...

bring me some tomatoes when they are ready.