Friday, September 18, 2009

Happenings as of late.

My green pepper plants are making me so proud. I have about 23+ growing right now. Last week we were able to harvest two of them and eat them that night all grilled up. They were so delicous!!!!
Stephen and I ran in our first 10k at Lake Hefner on the 12th. Stephen ran a 56:36 and I ran a 1:07:57. Pretty darn good for 6.2 miles in humidity I'd say. That's the farthest I had ever ran, and I'm so thankful the course was flat. There wasn't as many people attending as I thought there would be, so I'm grateful that I was still able to pace with people that go my speed. What's my speed you ask...about a 9-10 minute mile.
My next race is going to be the Juke Joint Jog in Stillwater on Oct. 24. It's only a 5k but I'm going to shoot to come in under 30 minutes. I've got to shave 2 minutes off my previous 5k time!! I'm hoping all this training for a 10k is going to pay off!

To celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary we went to The Melting Pot. I had never eaten there before and it was awesome. Probably really overpriced, but heck..for a special occasion I didn't really care. I love the dress I was wearing too. And you better believe that I bought it, wore it and returned it the next day. I'm so bad.
And I know you've been oh so curious about our bathroom project. We're almost done!!! I know I keep saying that, but really we are. We're going to have all the tile finished and grouted by Sunday afternoon. We installed the vanity and the granite guy has come by and measured for our countertop. So seriously...we just might have a usable bathroom in two weeks!!!!!

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Janet said...

Wow! Look at your garden grow!

It's amazing how fresh-out-of-my-garden vegetables taste so much better than the store bought.

I've heard the closer you can get them from just off the vine, stalk, plant the better.

Now you know!

Congratulations on the bathroom progress. It's been so cool watching the project from a distance.

Love you!