Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Observations of being at home: Television

Since I've been unemployed I spend a lot of time at home. Sometimes I like to take a break from job searching and everything to watch a little telly. Mind you, we don't have cable so there is almost never anything good on. Here are my observations:

1) The View, with it's constant chatter is really annoying. And why is Kate Gosselin a guest host?

2) Dr. Oz is stupid. I watched one show, okay one segment of one show, to see what the hype was about and it was just lame. It's like they threw together a bunch of random topics at the last minute and then made people feel awkward while talking about them for 2 minutes.

3) Drew Carey's new hair-do is really gross. He also doesn't fit the role of being the host of Price is Right very well. It's like bbq sauce and carrots...they don't go.

4) Soap Operas are silly.

5) I have sometimes caught myself literally spending 10 minutes watching completely pointless infomercials. Abcircle Pro, some awesome Weed Eater, Hip Hop Abs, A thing that works the muscles in your neck, Magic Bullet, Lifestyle Lift, Swivel Sweeper, etc.

5) The Today show is kind of fun, but checking the weather every 8 minutes gets really old. I feel sorry for the weathermen in your local area that have to stand by and do that for 2 hours.

6) Ellen is the best thing to happen to morning television. And so is Tivo so I can watch it whenever I want.

7) Family Fued is pretty awesome and a great way to wind down at the end of the day. You can even kinda play along. I don't know the host's name but he's perfect for the job.

8) This anchor on Fox25 needs a new haircut.

9) This guy is my favorite news guy.

He literally tells the news just like it is and that is refreshing, unlike Kevin Ogle who is just down right obnoxious.

10) I have to go to my parents house to watch Project Runway. Love that show!!!

11) Network television is still a saving grace at primetime though. Here is what I have planned to record for this fall season.
- Biggest Loser
- The Office
- Community
- Mercy (I'll give it a shot)
- House
- Ellen
- Flashforward (we are intrigued to see what people saw in their future)

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