Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This past weekend we went to Dallas to celebrate my Aunt Linda's Retirement. She had NO idea about the surprise party we planned for her.

It was also a perfect opportunity to go to here:
The store was fairly modern for my tastes but I still could have dropped a hundred bucks there if I had the money. Oh wait...I still dropped $100 on this:
I have been wanting a bench for our front porch for quite some time. We had a hard time finding just the perfect one until we spotted this beauty. It is just the right size and perfectly our taste. And the best part is that it took 20 minutes to assemble. Way better than the piece of crap Lowe's bench that took about 3hrs.

My Grandparents came down for the event, too.
My Grandma got me inspired to actually put some flowers in my garden...
...and Grandpa helped Stephen learn more about Sheephead.

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