Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh...just go away.

So I finally decided to do a little google search and figure out what kind of bee has been lurking around my garden for a good week and half.

Two of them in fact.

Just hovering and buzzing and generally being very annoying, interrupting the solitary joy of working in the garden and constantly putting me on edge.

I forgot to mention that the little buggers are HUGE.

Turns out they are carpenter bees. Which would explain why they hover around the corner eave of my house ALL day...EVERY day.

They make a little hole in the wood of the eave with their mandible. Lay eggs and keep watch.


The other day, I thought about swatting them with a fly swatter, or better yet a shovel. But then I thought that probably wouldn't do anything since they run into the gutters about 100 times a day and they aren't even phased.

I need to get rid of them...any ideas?

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Rick said...

now that's a BIG bee