Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scavenger Hunt to the USA vs AUS game

We arrived at our hotel in Johannesburg at 8:30 am on June 5th. Our soccer game was at 2:30pm that same day.

We were still pretty jetlagged and all I wanted to do
was take a shower and take a long nap. Instead we got settled in, cleaned up and at 11:30 decided to get some lunch and make the "30" minute trek to Roodeport to see the game. I put 30 minutes it quotes because that's how long google maps said it would take but that's definitely NOT how long it took.

We took our trusty city map and our trusty Garm
in and got some general directions from the hotel front desk. All we really had to go off of was that we needed to get to the Ruimsig Stadium which we figured was in the town of Roodeport.

So...off we go for a few miles on the N1.
-We decide to ask for directions because we're not sure where to go from here.
- Some guy at a gas station tells us to go this w
ay, then look for the car dealership on your left, then go over a hill then ask for directions again.
- So we follow his directions...or we think we do.
- We ask for directions again, this time from a soccer fan at KFC where we finally got some lunch!!!
- He tells us we 'aren't very far' and to follow this road, then you'll come to a T and then go left and then ask for directions again.
- This basically happens about about 4 more ti
mes, until we are finally are out in the middle of nowhere crossing over some hills and we can see the stadium lights.
- We finally pull up to the stadium and it is called the "Roodeport Athletic Stadium"

That....my friends...is in the Garmin.

So anyway...it was quite the adventure and we made it to the stadium just minutes before kickoff. Oh and our tickets just happened to be reserved for the midfield.

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