Friday, December 17, 2010

I really like Shout and my washer

Yesterday I spilled one drop of polyurethane on my "good" jeans. Or should I say the only pair of jeans I'm wearing these days. I've tried to find them again and buy some more, but I don't remember where I bought them exactly. Could be JCP or Macy's.

Anyway. I was devastated. I thought I had ruined them. But because I'm cheap and crazy, I was down to keep wearing them despite the really obvious spot if it didn't come out.

I quickly applied some Shout and put them in the wash on the "stain wash" cycle. 2 hours and 45 minutes later I think the spot was gone. But I couldn't really tell because now my jeans were wet and dark, same as the spot. I let them dry overnight because I was really afraid of heating them to dry and therefore setting in the stain.

To my amazement, my jeans turned out just fine. YEA!!!!!

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