Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nuttin Honey

There is not a whole lot going on lately. So here's just some things that are on my mind that don't really warrant a post all to themselves.

- Some bug, probably a caterpillar, is now eating the leaves of my tomatoes. This makes me mad even though they are not producing fruit. The haven't died yet because of the heat, so I was hoping that once it cooled down they would start making fruit. Now, I'm not so sure.

- I really enjoyed getting to spend time at places with bodies of water this summer and get some color on my skin. I'm really sad the pool is closing this weekend and I won't have the chance to get one last bit of color before I become pasty white for the winter.

- I really, really, really, really want a maid service to come to my house and do a deep clean. I'm going to admit that I have not cleaned my blinds or window sills EVER since I've lived here. That's coming up on 3 years.

- I'm really excited to be going to this wedding in two weeks because I'll get to wear this pretty new dress.

- I'm really impressed at the last lab nurse who took my blood. She had to take 5 viles for testing and I didn't bruise. Woo Hoo!

- We really need to get cracking on our bathroom remodel. First, we have to find our motivation that we lost awhile back. Ugh...it's just a daunting yet rewarding project to deal with.

- Lastly, I'm looking forward to some family visits coming up. Inlaws in Tulsa in September, nephews and niece here in OK in October, grandparents and other family in NE in October, maybe some aunts and uncles in OK in November, and more immediate family in January for our skiing vacation!


Liz said...

Your dad has some ideas for ya'll to get cracking on your bathroom. Cause then you can teach us how to do ours, or do it yourselves! And don't forget the shed!

Rick said...

I will help with the bathroom if you need me.

Liesel said...

You should finish that bathroom in three weeks so we can see the finished product. Looking forward to seeing you!