Friday, December 9, 2011

Skinny jeans

I'm posting about my skinny jeans because I really didn't think I could pull the look off. I posted a lot of inspiration outfits on Pinterest with skinny jeans and tall boots trying to convince myself that I could make the look work for me too.

Well one day, I just decided to bite the bullet and go shopping. I didn't allow anyone to come with me to shop for the skinny jeans because i knew it would be boring and frustrating for them. As it was I went to 5 stores, grabbed a bunch of jeans at each one and tried them all on. It took me 5 hours before I found two pairs that would work, and ultimately 1 pair from New York and Company won me over.

The jeans are more like leggings because they are pretty stretchy, but from the outside they look like denim.

The first day I wore this outfit, I felt really out of my comfort zone because it's not something I would normally wear. But I'm used to it now and don't feel so out of place, just a little bit "country".

The boots are from Jcpenny and are the brand Olsenboye. The jeggings are from New York and Company. Both tops are from Jcpenny.

*Sorry for the grainy pictures...they were taken with the iphone.


weath2007 said...

Those are so cute! Very flattering. good for you for taking the plunge. I have been trying to convince myself that I can do it too. Just too scared. You look so cute!

Liz said...

I still want to try this but don't want to take a whole day trying on jeans. Although it is going to happen this winter. I need a new pair.