Sunday, December 11, 2011

I can think of another project we can do to further procrastinate the bathroom remodel

Let's see, January 1 will be one year that our master bathroom has been partially gutted. It's so sad.

Today we made some slight progress. Stephen took out the old vent! Woo hoo!

Anyway, in accordance with avoiding the huge undertaking of a bathroom remodel; we did two other rather large projects instead. I know right... It doesn't make sense to me either.

We built two 3'x9' raised garden beds and put in a garden path around it in the spring. All summer we tried to keep our awesome veggie garden alive to no avail. We did however reap in the bounty of our basil. Seriously it was like a bush.

Then this fall we decided to take down our shed. If I hadn't lost our camera I would have a true picture of the before. But since I did, you'll just have to imagine a seriously dilapidated, vine covered, dirty, rotten shed. It's been there for many, many years and obviously was not taken care of. It was on a 10'x12' piece of concrete slab that was 3" thick! We debated leaving it there and putting a new shed on top but we decided it too had to go. It was really messing up our water shed and creating muddy puddles on each end.

Stephen rented a jackhammer and went to town! But first, he went to YouTube and watched people using a jackhammer so he could see what he was getting into! He's going to hate me for saying that on the interweb. Oh well.

So there you have it. Two bigs ways we procrastinated on our remodel. But if you think about it, these other projects had to be done first because of the good weather and stuff. But really, the bathroom remodel is next!!!!!

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