Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Tangled Mess

Stephen bought himself a Power Conditioner for our electronics. You plug all your stuff into it and then plug the conditioner into the wall.  Basically, it regulates the voltage for everything so if we ever had a power surge or something and the voltage is too high it will safely protect everything at a lower voltage or shut everything off completly. It's very high techie stuff. 

Anyway, this prompted the reorganization of all our wires, cables and stuff on our entertainment center and in the three boxes full of wires that I found around our house.

In the process, this is what our living room looked like.

 Now, it's all put back together nicely and all the extra slack in the wire is neatly twisty-tied instead of a tangled mess.

This also prompted me to detangle and twisty-tie all the other wires in our house.

I don't even know what most of these are for.  Like why do we have 5 useless surge protecters, or 3 apple headphones that lost their grip (I threw those away), two mini mouses, 8 different USB cords, and countless other things.

Oh lease it's all organized in one big box now!

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