Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas two-zero-one-one

Okay. I know. It's nearly three weeks past Christmas.  Too bad.  I'm still going to post about it.  I just had to add pictures to it and I couldn't do that until I had a new camera!

We had a really good Christmas this year! We made WAY too many sugar cookies and ate WAY too many of them!

We gave Janet "Just Dance" for the Wii and I wish we could have played it more while we were there!  We may just have to get it for ourselves now...

 Stephen and I received this name frame which I am super excited about.  I've wanted one of these for about 3 years!  Thanks to my parents for finding it at the State Fair....and get this, all the pictures were taken in Oklahoma!  That's even better!  It will hang above my fireplace just as soon as I get a nail in the brick.  Not an easy task.

Stephen's best gifts were probably the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes comics.  I can't even tell you how many birthdays and Christmases he's asked for this.  He also got an apple tv which he is stoked about, oh...and slippers! Brian got him this really cool wooden wall hanging with a picture of the OSU stadium at night and filled with's pretty rad.

I got a wireless mouse and keyboard from Stephen.  Our old mouse was really dirty and wouldn't scroll down anymore no matter how many times or how well we cleaned it.  I'm quite enjoying free range of scrolling right now. I also got really bright orange nail polish and really dark purple nail polish from Brian.

As for our combined gifts, we got a wood rack and a small leaf blower (which I was probably too excited about).

I also can't wait to try out making my own mozzarella cheese!

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