Sunday, September 30, 2012

Digital Book

It's been two and half years since we've gone to South Africa.  

Do I have all the pictures scrap-booked? No. 

Do I have our video onto our hard drive and edited? No.

I finally decided that I need to have something to do so I started weighing my options of getting a photo album together.  I could either print close to 300 pictures and traditionally scrapbook them, ala Creative Memories style, or I could look into doing a digital photo book.   I had done our honeymoon and our DC trip the traditional way and really thought I would do South Africa in the same manner and it would all be part of our "vacations" album.  

But...that's a lot of pictures, and time, and money.  So I did my research and decided I would use InDesign to create my page layouts and then upload them to a site called  Then they would take my design and create a hardbound 10"x8" book.

Doing it this way allows me a little bit more creative freedom.  I can have pictures be the background and write little text stories, I can zoom in on pictures, and size the pictures exactly how I want them.

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Liz said...

wow. can't wait to see it. Maybe I'll have to do that as well.