Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today (acutally this was yesterday), my Whiz Kid Ashley guessed that I was 25 years old.  I told her that was wrong and then she guessed that I was 21.  :-)

Stephen and I also pick Ashley and her brother Joel up from their house before we take them to the tutor site.  One day they asked how Stephen and I knew eachother.  When we told them we were actually married they didn't believe us.

How do you explain to a third grader that the pural form of Moose is Moose?

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Liesel said...

I've had a couple of instances in the last week where I had to help Dom see that I am better at things because I've been doing them longer, a lot longer. I asked him how old I was, sort of rhetorically just to get across the point that I am, in fact, older. His response: 18. Whether he learned the lesson or not, I walked away happy :)! Nah, he is figuring it out. In a side story, he told me that you get to be really smart when you are 18. Coincidence? I think not!