Friday, December 7, 2012

Skymall Edition - 2

You've seen the crazy stuff and today I have the few semi cool things:

Earbud Wristband: Organize your earbud wires conveniently on your wrist.  Show off your snazzy earphones, keep them tangle-free and have convenient access to music listening all from your wrist.  If you don't want to wear the wristband just wrap your wires around it and throw it in your bag. $24.99 * I don't think it's kinda silly to wear it as a bracelet, but I do like how you can wrap your earphones around it and it tucks away the buds and the connection piece and they won't unravel.

Gripz Baseballs:  Learn to pitch and hit like a Pro with Gripz.  The Baseballs provide pitchers with the tools to feel, memorize and perform professional pitches.  The unique finger grooves create instant muscle memory improving control and confidence on the mound.  Hitters also learn how pitches move, break and change speeds at the plate. $49.99

Snap Span: Make yard work a snap.  Snap Span hold and lock bags open.  Four latches snap closed making work faster and easier by eliminating a second person to hold the bag open. Fill the bag with yard debris, trash or recyclables. $19.99

Mini Curbside trash bins:   These might actually be a fun weird gift or secret santa thing for the office of the waste management manager! $12.95

Back in my day we had 9 planets T-shirt.  $29.95.  * I thought this was pretty funny!

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Rick said...

I could use two each of these things...!