Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9 things we're excited about once Stephen is done with school.

1. I'll stop being worried that there is not enough time in the dayfor him to get his homework done

2. Stephen will be quite happy that I'll stop worrying and nagging (in my most nicest and politely loving way possible)

3. I'll let Stephen do some of the chores.  Okay, he might not be that exctied about that.

4. We can catch up on some Netflix shows.

5. We can dedicate the weekends to our kitchen remodel!

6. We can do whatever we want on whatever night of the week we want.

7. We can have dinner together more often.

8. We can go on walks.

9.  Stephen won't have to study or write anymore papers.


Liz said...

Yeah! And he can "help" Rick on projects here, too.!!

Rick said...

I like Liz' comment!!!