Saturday, November 9, 2013

USA vs Jamaica

The day after Stephen finished school we headed off to Kansas City to watch the US Men's national team play Jamaica.  It was a World Cup qualifier, except that we had already qualifed for the World Cup.

Buying tickets for this game as an event all on its own! We were coordinating on the phone between three different states!  It was crazy, but we ended up with really good seats and we had 8 all together, so it worked out.

Here is all the boys showing their USA pride.  Of course mine has to look the goofest.

 We all had little American flags to wave around, but across most of the stadium much larger American flags were randomly placed about.  It was really cool to see them all waving.

 Here is Sporting Park. 

This is the team doing their victory lap.

My favorite part of the whole game was when we chanted "I believe that we will win!" And we did, the score was 2-0.

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