Thursday, August 21, 2014

Energy FC

2014 was the inagural season of the OKC Energy FC soccer team.  We purchsed season tickets as a Christmas gift to ourselves and I have to say, we've really enjoyed going to the games.  The season started on April 26th and will end with their last home game being August 24th.  Stephen and I are sort of home bodies so it was fun to have somewhere to go and something to do all summer long.

This is the supporters section.  They are really vocal...but luckily keep the chants PG for the most part.  This is a family event afterall. We cheer "I believe that we will win", " I believe in OKC", "OKC... ENERGY" and then for the other team who warms up in front of their stands they like to cheer "you're never going in, you're never going in!". Then if the referees screw up really bad we cheer "The yellow/blue/red team sucks!" (the color depends on what they are wearing that game)

Our colors are green and blue and I have to say whoever designed their jerseys and all the promotional shirts, stuff, and logo did a fantastic job!

They also do fun halftime activities.  This was from the first game and it was "Bubble Ball".  Hilarity ensued as people flipped and bounced all over the place.

The Energy FC are not ranked very high in their league or anything and frankly some of the games looks like you're watching a sixth grade team play, but the majority of the time they give it their all and it's enjoyable to watch.   I asked Stephen if he'd like to get season tickets again next year and he said yes.  I'm game for it, as long as the serious summer heat doesn't rear it's ugly head.

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