Friday, August 22, 2014

OKC Memorial Marathon

We volunteered to be course marshals again for the OKC marathon.  It's really quite fun, especially when the swarm of runners comes by...and it literally lasts for like 45 minutes.  By the way, our corner was TOTALLY rockin' it!  We had such a crowd of specators and runnings that danced and sang along with the playlist we made for the event.  We knew the runners would like it and it also greatly entertains us while we stand there for 4 hours.  We bought a karoke machine looking speaker that you can hook your ipad/iphone up to and stream your tunes.  This tiny speaker (okay it was like the size of a small amp) blasted music so loud and so clear, people could hear it a block away!

Here's my mom coming and going ... she always stops to chat when she sees us but this time we didn't really let her...don't want to mess up the PR!

Maybe one day I'll run this half marathon, but for now, I'm perfectly content being a volunteer and bringing musical entertain for the runners. 

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