Monday, December 22, 2014

The Bump

So I grew a baby and my belly grew!  Here are some of the belly shots we took.  

I gained only 20 lbs and it was all in the belly. I did have some swelling in my feet and legs, but compression socks made it feel a whole lot better.  I had heartburn basically everyday and had to watch what and how much I ate to avoid regret late at night.  Severe ligament pain plagued me for about the last four months.  Changing positions in bed and getting out of bed were incredibly painful.  Stephen had to help me get out of bed basically everyday towards the end. Feeling the baby kick was pretty awesome and seeing my whole belly move was both weird and awesome. Being pregnant was awesome and I miss the cute new clothes I got to wear!  People say I'd miss the belly and the kicks and everything about being pregnant…I brushed it off…but 1 day after giving birth I totally understood what they were saying!  I can't wait to do it all again…minus the ligament pain, that was actually really terrible.

16 weeks

20 weeks
24 weeks
26 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks

34 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

40 weeks

1 week post birth


Liesel said...

I love that last picture. And you were so great about gaining weight. I thought the rest of you looked like you were losing weight as your stomach got bigger and bigger.

Ann Strunk said...

WOW! You were definitely all baby. :) I'm at 25 1/2 weeks, have gained 12 lbs and barely have a bump. My weight must be going to my hips!

You looked great throughout and Zachary is adorable. Congrats!!