Friday, January 2, 2015


I was going to post about all the holidays at once…but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, and I'm currently too lazy to do so.

Thanksgiving was our first holiday together as a little family of three. Four if you want to count the dog, but I don't want to be one of those families that thinks the dog is like another child and we treat her like another kid.  However, she does tend to demand a lot of our attention just like a toddler would.

Zach was a perfect little angel baby for the holiday and really enjoyed meeting his cousins.
We all a good time drinking, playing cards, watching sports, and hanging out.

As I was getting pictures for this post, I realized that I got a photo of almost everyone holding him.

We introduced the first bottle this weekend and Stephen was pretty excited to give it to him.  Zach gobbled it up in less than five minutes. 

Molly (3), John (7 months), Will (6), Dominic (8),  Zachary(3 weeks)

Will lost one of his front teeth on this trip.  He was looking a bit snaggletoothed, but now looks super cute with it gone. He was nervous to have it pulled, but Grandpa and Dad kept saying it was so ready.  So Will wiggled it and moved it around, but it wouldn't come out.  We gave it rest for the night, but I told Will that it didn't look ready to me and to not let them force it on them.  It just needed one more day of wiggling becuase it came out the next day with a little tug!

The men having martinis by the chiminea in the middle of the afternoon.  I found this to be really hilarious. 

Cute Molly in our neighbors light display.

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