Monday, October 26, 2009


Today was an all around really frustrating day. However, in the end my project is finished and I'm having things are good right now.

First off...I could not fall asleep last night for the life of me.
Here's why:

Problem #1: I was thinking about 15 different things while trying to fall asleep and I just kept repeating themselves in my mind, I guess because I didn't want to forget about them in the morning.
Solution #1: Got up and wrote them all down to try and clear my mind. It worked for a few minutes.

Problem #2: After being so cold in bed while my husband was gone, I remembered that he is furnace, so I was really hot. We had the fan on, which helped, but I also didn't like feeling the breeze on my face.
Solution #2: Put some shorts on, and tried to cover my face with the blanket, but not my nose because that makes me feel clastrophobic.

Problem #3: The neighbors across the street have really bright outdoor lighting on their garage which was making me room brighter than I'd like it at night.
Solution #3: See if turning the blinds up instead of down would help....not really.

Problem #4: I simply just could not get comfortable, nor were my eyelids staying closed. I was also getting hungry by now since it had been 2 hours since I had gotten in to bed.
Solution #4: Get up and go do something and try to get more tired. 3a.m. I came to bed. By 3:15 I was finally asleep.

I didn't wake up until 11:30.. a bit over 8 hours, but my morning was also all gone. Which was not the plan for the day. In the afternoon was I able to go to the fabric store and by some fabric for the 3 crafts I plan on making soon. They didn't really have a good selection of what I was looking for, but I made do and got it all on sale which is a plus.

I came home, half the laundry wasn't folded yet, dishes were still out, and I still haven't swept my floor in like a week. All of that just kind of irked me. First project was to recover my office chair. Easy right?! Take it apart, staple on new fabric, put back together. Right.....
Staple Guns do not work on really tough plastic. I got emotional over this. My easy project suddenly just got really annoying. I cried.

Stephen wants to solve my problem, so we go to Hobby Lobby and buy hot glue sticks because that will surely work. We are super hungry so we had dinner at Chick-Fil-A and it was really good, but we also talked about my job search and that made me emotional, and I cried.

We came home, I hot glued the chair, Stephen put it together, and now everything is fine.

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