Sunday, October 11, 2009


So some awesome things happened today and one scary thing happened.

We decided in the morning that we would head over to my parents house and watch the OSU football game since we don't get espn on our antenna tv. I tried calling my Dad to let him know but could not get a hold of him. Despite this, we headed over there anyway. I tried calling him again and still couldn't get a hold of it. Hmmm...interesting. I wonder where he could be. Not that he doesn't have a life or anything. This is not the scary thing that happened today. I called my Mom, who is in Georgia visiting her sister and she told me he was at a wedding.

So OSU won our was a bit sloppy but we won. I saw Stewey on tv and rewound it to show my Dad and then texted Stewey to let her know. She is a true Cowboy fan going to the game and all. I have to admit, knowing my husband who really likes to watch College football, hence then knowing that we'd be watching A LOT of football today, scrapbooked during most of it. But I am proud to say that I have finally finished my Honeymoon scrapbook. It's fairly amateur but I really like it.

We then went to church on Saturday evening. I haven't done that in FOREVER. It was a small crowd compared to our normal time of 11:30. Yeah..I still like sleeping in on my weekends and that time seems to work for us. Since Brian was coming home and since I had just shown my Dad the Dr. Mario game on his wii, we headed back for more football, some "quick challenge" games during halftimes, and me catching up on Project Runway.

After all this, a full day of being away from home, which was pretty fun and relaxing because i didn't have to look at or deal with the pile of dirty dishes and clothes at my house, we came home to realize that our garage door had been open the ENTIRE day. That's a little scary.

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Megan said...

Hey, I made the blog! I feel super special!! Love all the pics of the bathroom and yard, by the way. You're house looks too cute!